Writing a Resume to Get an Internship

2018 April 11

This summer, I'm going to intern at Johnson & Johnson as a medical devices data scientist. I'm also a freshman who has never been able to get a job before in his life, so I know the difference between a good resume and a bad one. Let's examine the major mistakes university students make when writing their resumes, from my experience.

As I detailed in my last post about writing, you have to think from the perspective of your reader when you write. For a resume, you have to think from the perspective of an employer. You have to convince employers that they need you on their team and nobody else could possibly compare. You resume is an argument for your employment.

Mistake 1: Random Junk in Your Resume

If I wanted to employ a computer programmer, I would care about their:

and so forth, so put that stuff on your resume if you want to be a programmer. I would not care about their favourite TV show, their high school GPA, etc., so please don't put that stuff on your resume. If you had a 3.8 GPA in high school and love to play the guitar, then why would that make you a good programmer? In towards your bachelor's; we know you went to high school.

Mistake 2: Poor Formatting

Your resume is not an assigned reading for a course. If someone can't easily read it, then they'll just throw it out and read someone else's. For example, consider my resume.

You can immediately identify a few things:

If you cannot immediately identify this within a few seconds, then your resume is broken. Make sure to use formatting properly.


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